File for Social Security Disability in Casper, WY

File for Social Security Disability in Casper, WY

Work with an experienced disability income attorney

Being out of work because of an injury or a medical condition can severely impact your quality of life. You don’t have to resign yourself to a life of scrimping and saving to pay your medical costs. Wendy Owens Law Office will determine if you’re eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. If so, attorney Owens will handle all of the necessary paperwork and file your claim for you.

Once your disability comes in, you’ll be able to focus on the recovery process and stop worrying about endless bills. Get the financial assistance you need today by contacting Wendy Owens Law Office.

Trust Wendy Owens Law Office to handle your Social Security Disability claim

If you’re dealing with a disability issue in Casper, Wyoming, Wendy Owens Law Office can help. Attorney Owens can assist with disability issues stemming from:

Disability cessation
Continuing disability review
Disability appeals
Social Security overpayment

She can also handle the initial application process. Reach out to Wendy Owens Law Office to schedule a consultation.